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(EPS)?Why Expanded Polystyrene

EPS is strong, durable, lightweight, water resistant and has excellent thermal insulation.
Expanded Polystyrene is an affordable and incredibly sustainable choice throughout the industry due to its versatility and performance.
Why Blown Bead Cavity Wall Insulation? Houses without cavity wall insulation loose around a third of their heat through external walls. Installing blown bead cavity wall insulation will meet and exceed the necessary Building Regulations.
A building system that uses an expanded polystyrene (EPS) form to construct residential and commercial structures. Concrete is poured into the formwork that also acts as a long lasting thermal insulation which keeps the house warm and protects the concrete core from temperature extremes.
Loft / Ceiling Insulation Supplied in the form of rigid lightweight slabs or boards and increasingly moulded shapes for insulation between floor beams and other applications. EPS has a range of applications from floor insulation to walls (internal, cavity and external) insulation and also in roofs.
EPS is well proven in decades of use in civil engineering applications where it has been subjected to millions of loading cycles, for example, in road and railway structures.

Features of Expanded Polystyrene


EPS offers an exceptionally lightweight solution to so many applications in construction. This is not surprising when you consider that, EPS is effectively 98% air!


In the construction sector, EPS has a long established reputation for its exceptionally high insulation qualities. Its BRE ‘A-plus’ rating means it is the perfect choice for many applications.

Sustainability Credentials

At every stage of its life cycle, from production to recovery or recycling, EPS offers exceptional ecocredentials and is therefore ideally suited to the new generation of eco-friendly building projects

Flame Retardant

EPS is widely used throughout the construction industry in a flame-retardant grades where its trusted performance has been established over decades of use


EPS is a well-established material for the construction industry and offers a proven and economic solution which helps specifiers maintain build costs and construction budgets.

Safety in installation and use

Expanded Polystyrene is non-toxic, chemically inert, non-irritant and rot-proof. Fungi and bacteria cannot grow on EPS and it is insoluble and nonhygroscopic.

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 Polystyrene is mainly used in construction and packaging products manufacturing.


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